Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Animal Crossing City Folk: January 7

animalbrad here. yes i have became blatently hooked on the game. i will try to update in character here everday. for screenshots and other info

January 7 2009

I woke up on the Blue Bed that came with my house. I saw what appeared to be snow falling outside as i looked out my window.I smiled. Today was gonna be a great day. I looked at my calender that i hanged above the stairway. "hm... it's Harry's birthday as well..." i said out loud to no-one inperticular. "welp better get started"

I went downstairs and noticed somthing odd... like someone had been there. "..." i shruged my shoulders. I opened my kiddie dresser ,which i have for the fungshei.It was too cold for my usual tux. I decided to go with some clothes i had designed.

First stop was the town hall. there was a bird on the bulitin board. went to shoo it away when i noticed that nook n' go was having a sale i decide to wait till then to shop

the rest of the day i was off game or playing with friends ,which i won't be able to write without said friends help.... i'll add a offline list to the end of everydays chapter


bought a kiddie couch for half the cost

whent through a trading sequence where i gained and lost the same item 3 times at which the end of i had lost it at the end of it.

shotdown two balloons first one had a mario item,the floor, and the second had a cabin bed in it which finaly allowed me to finish harrys stupid bed finding thing which gave me back the item i had just had

caught a colanath with a ton of diffaculty

made a perfect snowman,finally.

got a message from a friend named tannian from colocity

my money tree will be done tomorow....

well howd you like it....

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