Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Full Idea: Healing Sense: GUILT

Set During "Death awaits all" ,of Second Opinion, after you activate Healing touch x2

The healing touch.A Gods gift.A power that will allow one to save lives.
But... No one has ever shown themselves worthy to see the god.
Derek just... did.

Thats what the summary will be.

The basic thought of this is that during the climax of the episode "Death awaits all" Asclepius,who i know was killed by zeus i have a way around that, appears and explains to Derek that his healing touch mutated and now has something called the "Healing Sense".
I won't go into speifics but the first thing it does is let him detect GUILT before symptoms are shown or even outside the body ,I.e in a syringe , in the air,ect.

don't know when i will start on this im going to a lock-in today at 8pm so....

animalbrad... signing out.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick fanfic idea and note

I couldn't complete that half life one shot.

but i just finished trauma center:second opinion ,yes i got a Wii for christmas, and have a idea for a re-rite of the ending.... or could you call it a add it... whatever

I'm not saying anymore ...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Announcement: Christmas fanfic

A fanfic planned to be done by christmas

Name: Alyx's Christmas Wish
Genre: Romance/Angst
Summary: Oneshot Set after HL2:E2 With parraels to pre-game halflife. After the tradgdy with the advisors Alyx makes a wish.little did she know that it would come true... GordenXalyx

Plot Point(stop reading here if you don't wanna know....):
as you may know, most of my stories have somthing that goes outside the proverbial box. In this one gorden is Mute due to a black messa incedint on christmas about a year before the events of half life. alyx blames herself for making gorden mute as she distracted the scientist watching for errors. a heart warming story with a happy ending and -possibly- a bit of a moment between myself and one of the deceised. will be posted on my fanfiction.net account -The Tower Romance- and on my new google site http://sites.google.com/site/animalbradff/

see ya....

Monday, December 22, 2008

i worked through the night and got it finished. I'll proofread after i get up its sleep time

Sunday, December 21, 2008

a bit of a update I'm still working on the first chapter of Novodies mistake I'm about half done but I'm not going to bed till I'm done and submitted it to fanfiction.net and deviantart and posted it to a new gsite.

update you when im done


Fanfiction announcement

i'll be posting these through scribe fire every once in a while when they come to mind

Title: Nobodies Mistake
Summary: What if Castle Oblivion started to colapse during the moment between sora roxas kairi and namine?

Plot Point: The major plot point is that instead of roxas merging into sora and namine kairi, namine merges into sora and roxas merges into kairi,due to castle oblivion's colapse. As they are their nobodies,and the fact that their so close it will form a "heart bond"(ugh... keep with canon)

Expected Release Date: Sunday December 21 2008


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.Tk domain advertising and DRR update

Hey I signed up for a .tk,www.dot.tk, link www.animalbrad.tk.

part of .tk's service allows me to see site traffic ,premote my website, among other things.

to help keep my sites domain up please go to freedomain.animalbrad.tk and sign up for a domainl
each domain thats signed up through that link i will get some e-currentsy to premote my blog.

oh and here is my newgrounds fannet link www.newgrounds.com/refer/animalbrad

work is still slow on damsel's red rope but i hope to have a screen shot of the first level-mindyou im not releasing a ALPHA or beta version yet.

this is animalbrad signing out~

Ps. sorry about the ads but i cant remove them if i want to premote my website

you wont see them if go throught the original link ,animalbrad.blogspot.com,.

Monday, December 15, 2008



sod's law: if something bad can happen ,it will happen.

I beleive i have become a walking totem for sods law resently

finished watching deathnote movies today

animalbrad signing out...
Bored so im watching the deathnote live action movies... their not bad... go watch them on www.anilinkz.com


animalbrad signing out...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chatango added!

real quick post through scribefire but i added a chatango to blogger's side bar. Enjoy!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...Eh heh heh .... i should of knew it would be blam'd but if you wanna see t ill uploadit to my google site in a half hour or so...


I made my first flash video today.

check it out on Newgrounds.com

also I have the heroines name for Damsel's Red Rope

Aka gisei

animalbrad signing out

EDIT: It's on my deviantart now animalbrad.deviantart.com

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT Damsel's Red Rope

I'v been working on This for about a month and im at the 25% mark so its time to announce it.

I'm working on a Text adventure game called Damsel's Red Rope,...it's a working title , and Its going slowly .

The estimated release date is late march/early april.
I will be releasing all updates here till about the 50 % mark ... in which i will start posting updates on a new blog made especialy for it.

now as a little sneak peak
nothing... sorry but I don't have anything prepared

Oh and i got my first line for Bloody Mew Mew 2-3 days ago but i couldn't record it today ...

animalbrad signing off~


Hello Internet!

You know i have 3 favorite engines that i love to play with in games.

1. Music
I love playing games that have somthing to do with rythm. DDR ,Taiko, Guitar hero and rock band, and singing games like LIPS. These type of games easily rank high on my favorite games list. even games where then music just speeds up depending on how your doing.
2. Sandbox Games
ah... a casual gamers dream...
games that have no plotor a mode where you can just freeplay
3. partical/graphic physics
partical physics define games like the toudou games or other curtain fire shooters which i love!
Games that use a good gravity engine often go far. Its often overlooked but think of it this way.
How would Portal be without the perfect gravity system.
I haven't played Left 4 dead. But Half life 2 used it as well

Now its rare that all of these will come together. Hell its like a convention. I'v seen 2 period in the last 10 years.
but now a new demo has me anxious for the full version , somthing that rarily happens.

The Game is called Auditoriom.
Honestly when i first found this game i nearly burst into tears. These types of games are so rare the one has to scower the internet to find one.
There's a screenshot above i'm not gonna go into a full sumarry as jayisgames and bytejacker have both done it already but i will tell you a few this.

I was the first comment on bytejackers latest power up on youtube.

In that comment i said that i would gladly pay 2000 microsoft points if a version of auditoriom for the xbox live arcade. That still holds true. The simplistic design difficult gameplay and Brillant use of physics cause for this ... Work of art to stand out of the crowd.
This game is definatly in my top 3 games(see below) and it proves that all good games must be difficult.... i'll give a full review when the full version comes out.

See ya!


By the way My favorite 3 games are in this order

1. Portal
2. Auditorium
3. Braid

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ah man weekends over...

I'm reading a ranma/winx club xover fanfic called "Ranma Club"

Link http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4256512/1/Ranma_Club

RAWR.. Check back in a hour or two i'll have a PDF file for ya...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm gonna Ustream

I'm gonna ustream for a little bit


I got hypercam to work last night and recorded a video of me breaking my high score on 1vs100

... enjoy

animalbrad signing off~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hey I was just over playing with my friend on king.com and thought I'd share this with you.

animalbrad signing out~

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello World!

Hello Everyone!

Yes i finally broke down and made a blog for myself
So i guess I'll post here every once in a while.

Xbox live's free december friends ...thingy is started and I'm lucky enough to have 3 of the games featured: Bomberman Live, Uno, and Aegis Wing.

If you wanna join me in playing my gamertag is brad the animal.

Oh! and here's a secret just for you.

If your a silver member,like me, and you go into any on the games featured and go to your friends list you can join a party even though your not a gold member!
AND if your lucky enough to have downloaded photo party you can be in a photo party as a silver member.
Hope you all play alot during these holidays ... you might just run into me...

Yhis is Animalbrad signing out!

p.s. Oh and don't forget to subscribe to this blog by clicking the addthis button to the left!