Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.Tk domain advertising and DRR update

Hey I signed up for a .tk,www.dot.tk, link www.animalbrad.tk.

part of .tk's service allows me to see site traffic ,premote my website, among other things.

to help keep my sites domain up please go to freedomain.animalbrad.tk and sign up for a domainl
each domain thats signed up through that link i will get some e-currentsy to premote my blog.

oh and here is my newgrounds fannet link www.newgrounds.com/refer/animalbrad

work is still slow on damsel's red rope but i hope to have a screen shot of the first level-mindyou im not releasing a ALPHA or beta version yet.

this is animalbrad signing out~

Ps. sorry about the ads but i cant remove them if i want to premote my website

you wont see them if go throught the original link ,animalbrad.blogspot.com,.

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