Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello Internet!

You know i have 3 favorite engines that i love to play with in games.

1. Music
I love playing games that have somthing to do with rythm. DDR ,Taiko, Guitar hero and rock band, and singing games like LIPS. These type of games easily rank high on my favorite games list. even games where then music just speeds up depending on how your doing.
2. Sandbox Games
ah... a casual gamers dream...
games that have no plotor a mode where you can just freeplay
3. partical/graphic physics
partical physics define games like the toudou games or other curtain fire shooters which i love!
Games that use a good gravity engine often go far. Its often overlooked but think of it this way.
How would Portal be without the perfect gravity system.
I haven't played Left 4 dead. But Half life 2 used it as well

Now its rare that all of these will come together. Hell its like a convention. I'v seen 2 period in the last 10 years.
but now a new demo has me anxious for the full version , somthing that rarily happens.

The Game is called Auditoriom.
Honestly when i first found this game i nearly burst into tears. These types of games are so rare the one has to scower the internet to find one.
There's a screenshot above i'm not gonna go into a full sumarry as jayisgames and bytejacker have both done it already but i will tell you a few this.

I was the first comment on bytejackers latest power up on youtube.

In that comment i said that i would gladly pay 2000 microsoft points if a version of auditoriom for the xbox live arcade. That still holds true. The simplistic design difficult gameplay and Brillant use of physics cause for this ... Work of art to stand out of the crowd.
This game is definatly in my top 3 games(see below) and it proves that all good games must be difficult.... i'll give a full review when the full version comes out.

See ya!


By the way My favorite 3 games are in this order

1. Portal
2. Auditorium
3. Braid

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