Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Full Idea: Healing Sense: GUILT

Set During "Death awaits all" ,of Second Opinion, after you activate Healing touch x2

The healing touch.A Gods gift.A power that will allow one to save lives.
But... No one has ever shown themselves worthy to see the god.
Derek just... did.

Thats what the summary will be.

The basic thought of this is that during the climax of the episode "Death awaits all" Asclepius,who i know was killed by zeus i have a way around that, appears and explains to Derek that his healing touch mutated and now has something called the "Healing Sense".
I won't go into speifics but the first thing it does is let him detect GUILT before symptoms are shown or even outside the body ,I.e in a syringe , in the air,ect.

don't know when i will start on this im going to a lock-in today at 8pm so....

animalbrad... signing out.

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